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#GiveBackHats Campaign

Have you heard about our hats?

If not, you're in for a treat...we are only just a little excited about them.

Just a little.

Why are we so excited about these hats you ask? Well, of course its cool that they have our logo on them. We also think it's pretty cool that they are retro trucker hats because lets be real here, that's just awesome. And, these hats will be given away to the first 50 people at our GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION, so you can get one for freeeee!

But these aren't the only reasons we are so excited...and if you keep reading, I'll tell you why.


When Dr. Hansen and I started Restoration Chiropractic, we knew we wanted to be different from any other Doctor's office we had ever been to. In fact, we didn't want people to feel like they were in a Doctor's office at all. Every square inch of our office was meticulously thought out and planned. There's a lot of love there - if you've ever been inside, you can tell... we're not your typical Chiropractic office.

More importantly however, was the way that we wanted to run our office. We wanted to make sure that when someone comes in, they know they're going to be taken care of with the utmost care and respect. No matter who you are or what you've been through, we're here to help you achieve your personal health goals and get your body functioning at its optimum level.

Restoring health. Restoring Hope. Restoring Life. That's our motto.

As much as we want to help everyone achieve their health goals, we know that there are people in our community who at times, have concerns that overshadow everything else. Homelessness, for example. Loss of a job, clothes for their children, putting food on the table - to name a few. And if you or someone you know has ever experienced a situation like this, you know that everything else shrinks in comparison.


About 6 years ago we were living in Northern California. Dr. Hansen was just a couple of years out of chiropractic school and I was pregnant with our third child when tragedy struck.

In November of 2012 my husband suffered a set of injuries during a shopping trip at Bass Pro Shops that changed our lives forever. Part of what he experienced was a traumatic brain injury that left him with permanent deafness in one ear, among other things. The injuries were so bad that his medical team restricted him from driving for the next 8 months.

I was terrified. It was a difficult (high risk) pregnancy for me and I was severely sick myself. I could barely care for myself let alone our two young children, and an injured husband who couldn't work. We felt helpless and overwhelmed.

But then... people gave.

My husband's employer kept his job for him even though he couldn't do much for a long time. Church members brought us meals and helped with chores. Family came to our home and watched our kids during the many doctor visits that ensued. Friends offered generous donations - many anonymously, and we felt an outpouring of love that left a permanent mark on our family.

We have never felt more grateful - or humbled, by the kindness of others.


Everyone deserves the basic necessities of life, and around the holidays especially, people seem to open up their hearts - it's wonderful. But what about the other 9 months of the year? Is there still a need in our communities?

The answer is YES! That is why for our GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION we are partnering with the Douglas/Elbert Task Force. They help people get back on their feet with dignity, and we love their example. But we want this movement to go beyond our Grand Opening - to continue throughout the years as a campaign to always give back to our community.


So here is your invitation...

1.) Come to our GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION and get one of our hats. (*** Didn't get a hat? Don't worry - you can still participate without one!)

2.) Wear your hat while you are doing or receiving a service for/from someone and take a picture.

3.) Post it on Instagram (#GiveBackHats) or Facebook (tag us on our Restoration Chiropractic Page) and tell us what happened.

Don't use Instagram or Facebook? No problem! We would love to see it anyway! E-mail us at Healthy@RestorationChiropractic.US. Don't have an e-mail? That's ok, just spread the word and keep the movement going!

4.) Every Season we will highlight someone (individual, business or group) who has done something to give back to their community. You will be featured on our website under our GIVE BACK INITIATIVE.


We can't wait to see what you come up with. It can be something simple, or not. Here are some ideas to get you started...

  • Rake your neighbors leaves

  • Receive a birthday gift from a friend

  • Volunteer in a local soup kitchen

  • Send an uplifting text

  • Give a hug

  • Smile at a stranger

  • Donate or raise money for your local Red Cross

  • Organize a community blood drive

  • Send cards to soldiers serving overseas

  • Allow someone to make you dinner if you're ill

  • For your next birthday, ask for charitable donations instead of gifts

  • Read books or letters to a person who is elderly or visually impaired

  • Help register people to vote

  • Organize a car wash and donate the profits to charity

  • Help deliver meals and gifts to patients at a local hospital

  • Tutor children during or after school

You could even do something big like travel across the world and volunteer at an orphanage in a struggling country. We have been inspired by people who have done all of these things and so much more! The possibilities are endless.

If you need some local ideas, check out which is featured under our GIVE BACK INITIATIVE. And if you have any great ideas, let us know.

Let's do this. Let's GIVE BACK together.

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