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Born and raised in Texas, Christy and her family moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area after she graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in Education. They spent 10 years there before moving to Castle Rock in 2016.

She has a passion for natural health and chiropractic care. It was fateful when she met Dr. Hansen and began working for him in the fall of 2017.


Christy enjoys connecting with people, and is passionate about encouraging healing through chiropractic care and natural medicine. She has since transitioned to a remote position and lives with her family in Tennessee.  


Christy enjoys camping and hiking with her husband and two daughters.

Christy Allan, Restoration Chiropractic Office Manager.



Lauren first experienced the healing touch of chiropractic after developing migraines when her youngest was born.  She and her husband have benefited greatly from chiropractic care throughout the years, and she has seen first hand how it changes lives.


She is thrilled to be part of a practice whose main focus is pure chiropractic care, with owners, doctors and staff who not only have a passion for making people well and whole naturally, but love them in the process.

Lauren feels the expression of her life is her faith and her trust in God and His goodness. She also loves studying God’s Word with friends and in quiet times. 


She cherishes every opportunity to spend time with her husband and children, her extended family and her precious friends. She enjoys history, music, cooking, exploring the Rocky Mountains, and is an avid reader. 

Lauren Cravens, Chiropractic Assistant.



Cathy first experienced chiropractic care while in high school after she was involved in a car accident. She 

received continued care after incurring low back injuries while serving in the Air Force. 


Cathy knows first-hand how chiropractic care improves your mind, body and soul. She, her two daughters and husband have all experienced the positive benefits of consistent chiropractic care.  They now have restful sleep, and her children are no longer experiencing “growing pains”.  They are all able to be physically active now without pain. 

Cathy enjoys spending time with her family by exploring the outdoor trails, trying out new restaurants, cooking and gardening.

Cathy Kneuer, Chiropractic Assistant.



After falling victim to a series of car accidents in her teenage years, Brenna experienced the tremendous healing benefits of restorative chiropractic care, as well as the powerful impact of long-term wellness chiropractic care.


She has been thrilled to transition from patient to caregiver in the practice that had such an impact on her own health and quality of life.


Raised in Colorado, Brenna and her husband enjoy exploring and Jeeping through the mountains, spending time with her family, reading a good book and international travel.

Brenna Wright, Chiropractic Assistant.


Born and raised in Southern California, Betsy graduated from Central California school with her certification in Diagnostic Medical Sonography in 2003. Over the next 19 years and a relocation to Centennial, CO, she obtained registries in multiple specialties of sonography, including general, vascular, obstetrics and gynecology.


Betsy's passion for natural health started after her diagnosis of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity in 2013. In addition to her own experiences and vast background as a sonographer, she could see the side effects of long-term medicine and neglect on her patients’ organs with very little actual healing. This led her to pursue alternative care and treatment. 


Betsy first experienced restorative chiropractic care with the Doctors at Restoration Chiropractic in January 2020 as a last-ditch effort to heal her own chronic pain, receiving more help than what she initially started seeing them for.


Betsy enjoys tapping into her God-given spiritual gift of healing as a vessel to listen, provide comfort through prayer or a good laugh and a welcoming, warm hug.  She also takes joy in a deep connection with her husband and 2 daughters through road trips, travels, simple hikes, gardening, and unwinding at the end of the day with a good movie or an episode of The Big Bang Theory.



Betsy Williams, Chiropractic Assistant.
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