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After your consultation and examination, the Doctor may recommend taking x-rays based on his findings. The doctor may also take MOTION X-RAYS which would allow him to see exactly what is moving or not moving. We are the only clinic in Castle Rock who takes motion x-rays. 


To see is to know.

To not see is to guess...

and we won't  guess about your health.

At Restoration Chiropractic we have an on site, state of the art digital x-ray system, which means great things for you...

  • No need to wait hours or days for results - we can see what is going on right away.​

  • Higher quality images allow your doctor to diagnose you better - and faster.  


  • You most likely won't have to go anywhere else for imaging - saving you time and money.

Call us to

schedule your appointment today.

I(Excludes Medicare Eligible patients.

Due to our specialty, we are a

non-participating provider of Medicare)


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Digital X-Rays, Restoration Chiropractic
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