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Your body was made to MOVE.  


Physiotherapy coupled with your individualized chiropractic adjustments and treatment plan allow you to get better faster, and stay healthy longer. 


 A large part of  your physiotherapy treatment will be directed through our exclusive home care program. We  believe in "teaching you how to fish" or in other words, giving you the tools to care for your self - which saves you time and money.


 As a practice member, you are given full access to videos and stretches specifically individualized to you. This access will  guide you, step by step, through the modalities prescribed by your doctor.


If you have any questions or concerns, you can rest easy knowing you have the full support of Restoration Chiropractic's team behind you. We're here to help!


  Before or after your adjustments, Restoration Chiropractic invites practice members to use our state of the art intersegmental traction tables (IST tables) as part of your physiotherapy. Why?


Your vertebral discs are made of 99% water, and the only way they stay hydrated is by proper alignment and movement.  Chiropractic is the best way to achieve this, however the IST tables can aid in this process too.  


By inducing a gentle stretching motion, the IST tables help your vertebral discs rehydrated naturally and increase in flexibility and strength.  You move better, and your adjustments become even more effective and powerful. 


Plus, we think laying on these tables feels pretty great too!


Contact Us to get started today!


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