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Land of the Free, Because of the Brave.


When I was a young girl, I went to an art museum and stared up at a large painting that made me feel very small. I know it wasn't a famous painting, as the piece was in a small exhibition dominated mainly by local artists, and to be honest the subject matter has long since been erased from my mind. However, the memories linger.

It wasn't just the sheer magnitude of the painting that evoked feelings of insignificance for me, but the detailed brushstrokes and intricate composition; it left me awestruck. It told a magnificent tale.

It's like when you're a child and an adult tells told you a ghost story just one time, and then you relive it over and over again until it evolves into something completely fantastic and unreal.

It's that feeling - except the fantastic, version is the truest one.


This is what I feel when I think of the bravery and courage of the Veterans who served in the United States' Armed Forces. No matter what their station was or what duties they provided our Country, they were truly a part of something greater than themselves. They sacrificed, fought, showed bravery, and their stories, although completely fantastic, are real.

Dad at Hill Air Force Base

Today is Veteran's day, and we have an opportunity to honor these individuals who are a part of the artwork of the United State's history. Some of the brushstrokes are harsh and uneven, some, even unnecessary. But all of these brushstrokes are masterfully executed to reveal a great tapestry of sacrifice and love.

And that's what it's all about isn't it? Love, and being a part of something greater than yourself? Being willing to protect and serve the ones you care about? Willing to give the ultimate sacrifice?

That is a Veteran.


Dr. Hansen has worked with many Veterans throughout the years. He's worked with individuals suffering from PTSD. He's worked with Veterans that have physical triggers and have a difficult time getting adjusted by most chiropractors. He spent a large part of his formal education internship working specifically with Veterans at the VA hospital in Dallas. He has cried with many of you. He has heard your stories and he knows your pain. He loves you. He wasn't able to serve with you, but because of that, he wants to serve you.

Dallas VA Medical Center

So, as a thank you to ALL our Veterans, Restoration Chiropractic provides a 25% discount to you and your immediate family for chiropractic care in our office. Not just today, but every day of the year. Because no matter when you come in, we want to say thank you for your service and honor YOU for GIVING BACK in a big way.


We are so grateful for your sacrifice in the artwork of this Country. For helping us stay safe an fighting for the freedoms which we enjoy. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. You are honored in our office, today and EVERY DAY.

Thank you Veterans!

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