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Buddy the... Chiropractor?

In October 2018 our office held a sleeping bag drive for homeless individuals in our area. It was such a huge success, and we are so grateful to everyone who gave back to the community.

As part of the incentive to reach our goal of 75 sleeping bags, Dr. Hansen graciously agreed to dress up for work on December 24th as either the deranged Easter bunny from the movie, The Christmas Story, or Buddy from the movie, Elf.

We organized a poll on Facebook to let everyone vote for what they would prefer, and guess who won?

When our office exceeded our goal and collected 100 sleeping bags for the homeless (thank you!), Dr. Hansen knew what he was in for. And just to emphasize that Restoration Chiropractic keeps our promises, we took plenty of pictures!

Amazingly enough, everyone seemed to enjoy getting adjusted by a 6 foot 5 white man wearing yellow tights, despite our reservations. Dr. Hansen rocked those tights.

We even had an appearance from the big man himself (WE KNOW HIM)!!! If you weren't already aware, Santa is one of the regulars at Restoration Chiropractic. Here he is getting adjusted before his annual sleigh ride.

You're Welcome.

This comedic gesture symbolizes something deeper than just a good laugh though. It symbolizes gratitude, happiness and hope. After all, that's what we get when we give back. In our experience, there are not many gifts that are greater than that.


We encourage everyone to keep serving and spreading cheer to others. The Holiday season is now coming to a close, but the spirit of Christmas can be with us year round. Keep loving members of our community and world, wherever you may be, and keep GIVING BACK.

The positive karma you get will be even better than seeing Dr. Hansen in those yellow tights...we promise.

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