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If you've ever had chiropractic care, you have probably heard your Doctor talk about SUBLUXATION. It's kind of a big, doctor-y sort of word, and chances are, you may not fully understand what a subluxation is, or what having a subluxation means.

If you do already know all that, congratulations you're ahead of the game!

If not, keep reading - you might just find out some interesting things that could change your life forever.


First of all, there are many different definitions for "subluxation" within the health care community. So many in fact, that for the purposes of this article, we need to make it clear that when we refer to subluxation, we are talking about vertebral subluxation, which is:

  • A misalignment of the spinal vertebrae

  • The cause of many health problems.


The great philosopher Hippocrates once said:

"Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.”

When Hippocrates quoted the text above, he was basically giving a huge shout out to the future chiropractic profession - even if he didn't know it yet.

Chiropractors know that misaligned bones in the spine can cause organs to not work right - leading to disease.

The spine runs from the top of your neck to your tail bone - and it protects the spinal cord and 32 pairs of spinal nerves. Amazing, right? Well, each one of those nerves that exit through the openings of the spine feed a vital organ, a muscle and even a gland. If any of those bones slightly go out of place (aka “vertebral subluxation”) they pinch the nerves that feed the vital organs. The end result is an organ that is not receiving the messages from the brain which can result in disease and other problems.

For instance, have you ever experienced heartburn? The autonomic nervous system chart found in Gray’s Anatomy shows the organs in the body and what spinal nerves control them. The nerve that controls the stomach and pancreas is at T6 vertebral level. So a misaligned/subluxated vertebra at T6 can affect the function of the stomach, which can produce symptoms like heartburn, bloating and reflux. Each vertebra is linked to the nervous system, and therefore controls a different part of the body.

Getting migraines? Have your chiropractor check out T5.


Did you know the first Chiropractor restored a deaf man’s hearing? It's true. The Chiropractor's name was D.D Palmer and it happened in 1895 in a small apartment in Davenport, Iowa.

The man had experienced an accident in which he lost his hearing. D.D. Palmer found a misalignment on his spine and moved it back into place. The man's hearing was restored without any medicine. D.D. knew he had witnessed something miraculous, and he went on to establish the roots of the Chiropractic profession.

That miraculous healing was simply the body getting aligned properly so that it could function correctly.

When our spine is aligned properly, our body can function like it was innately designed to. The better you body works, the better you begin to feel and the more your quality of life increases. Symptoms such as:







Neck and back pain

Improved athletic performance

...and SO many more.

Now this doesn't mean we want you to throw away all of your perscriptions just yet. You wouldn't expect a broken bone to heal overnight, or to go from a couch potato to running a marathon in one day - it takes time for our bodies to heal and recover, and each adjustment gets you closer and closer to living at your optimum level.

A licensed chiropractor is the only one in the wold who is authorized to treat subluxation, and we think we have a pretty great job watching people's lives improve and become happier every day with just a simple, yet powerful adjustment.

If you haven't tried Chiropractic yet, we invite you to come in and see for yourself. After all, it may just improve your life.

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