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CLIMB 4 CHANGE - Join us!

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Chances are, you know or care about someone who has a physical or cognitive disability. One of the things we love best about Castle Rock, CO is the support of people who love and respect each other despite our differences.

Restoration Chiropractic is especially fond of our patients with these types of challenges. As with all our practice members, we are aware of individual circumstances and are honored to help others live their best life through customized chiropractic care in a loving and understanding environment.

Our office is proud to be involved in ways to educate, support, and inspire others regarding the challenges that our friends face. We strive to be part of events that make a difference in our community, and Climb4Change is one of those events!


"Climb4Change is a unique racing event that raises money and awareness for the Town of Castle Rock’s Adaptive Recreation program. Volunteers, businesses, and families with children with cognitive and physical disabilities band together for the race up the 200-step Challenge Hill built into the side of a mountain at Philip S. Miller Park.

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Participants ascend 178 feet as they climb to make a positive impact on the community. Since Climb4Change’s inception, program registration has increased 70 percent and the event has raised thousands of dollars to ensure everyone in the community has access to recreational opportunities. Funds raised at the Climb4Change fundraiser are used to provide scholarships, to purchase adaptive equipment, and to provide access to a wide variety of activities in a safe, respectful, and ability-focused environment.

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It's about changing perception. Providing recreation and leisure opportunities for individuals with disabilities - that's the goal of Castle Rock Park and Recreation's Adaptive Recreation program. Help support this worthy cause at the Climb4Change. The event is open to all, regardless of physical, athletic, or intellectual ability." Source


Please join us on Saturday, May 11, 2019 as we support this wonderful program! If you would like to participate in any of the races or would like to know more ways to get involved, check out the Castle Rock Recreation Center's website and be a part of the change!

Stop by our booth for some fun and games and say hello. We look forward to seeing you there!

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