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"I look forward to my weekly headaches and migraines", said NO ONE, EVER.

Alright headache and migraine sufferers of Castle Rock, you know who you are. Headaches stink. They really do. But migraines, come on, they are the absolute worse.

Migraines are debilitating and when they hit, they control and dominate every aspect of our lives. In our practice here in Castle Rock, we have just as many people who seek care for headache and migraine relief as we do for back pain or spine related issues.

Migraines are becoming more and more common today. One important distinction that needs to be made however, is that although they are becoming more common, migraines are by no means "normal" to experience.


A recent study came out talking about headaches and migraines. After studying thousands of participants it came up with 4 main criteria for when it is "acceptable" to experience a headache and/or migraine.

1) Have you had neck or head trauma that hasn't been treated?

- (Tramua would include but not be limited to an accident resulting in a neck injury such as whiplash, or hitting your head. Micro and over time trauma also includes the day to day stress we sustain at a computer or looking down at an electronic device.)

2) Severe Dehydration.

3) Severe Sleep deprivation

4) Severe Stress

Ok here is the kicker. Given the criteria above according to the study it is only acceptable to have between 6-12 headaches per year given those conditions. Maximum.

Did that knock your socks off? If so we need to talk.

Now if you're thinking to yourself " Well Doc, I get them everyday or a few times a week, but they aren't that bad, they are barely noticeable". The study took that into consideration when it came up with it's 6-12 headache a year number. It included headaches from a scale of 1-10, even if it is a one, it is still a symptom of a big problem.

Now, how many migraines did it find are acceptable to have each year you may ask? Drum roll please.




A migraine is basically a mini stroke and is incredibly dangerous! Therefore we shouldn't ever be getting those.

So if you're reading this and you're thinking " Man, I get WAY more than 6-12 headaches a year and I'm also having migraines", we REALLY need to talk, because something else is most likely going on.


Headache and Migraines are symptoms. A symptom is your bodies cry for help. What is it crying out for? That is what we need to find out.

RESTORATION CHIROPRACTIC in Castle Rock Colorado specializes in treating headaches and migraines where the root cause is found in either the misalignment or the abnormal movement of your spine, specifically in your upper neck or cervical spine.

Now lets say your friend "Bud" says,

"Well I take ibuprofen or tylenol everyday and it takes it away, so they do go away..."

Number one, you know what else it is going to take away? Your liver and kidneys, eventually. Sad, but very, very true.

Number two, it isn't actually "taking away" the headache. It is just masking the symptom.

Imagine if your check engine light goes on. Now depending on what it is you may have a few hours of safe driving, days or weeks. But is your first instinct to smash out the check engine light? Of course not. But that's what most people do with their headaches and migraines. They try to turn off the light.

It's like putting a bucket under a leaky faucet instead of fixing the problem.


Our goal at Restoration Chiropractic in Castle Rock is to find the cause to your headaches and migraines. There are two crucial factors that need to be assessed with your neck: The alignment of it and how it moves. Structure dictates function. Your body was designed a very specific way, and if it is aligned and moving the way it was designed, it can do amazing things.

No one should have to live with headaches and migraines. No one.

If you have seen every specialist this side of the Mississippi and still have no answers, give us a call and schedule to see one our Doctors today. (720)893-2225 (BACK).

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