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I once heard a story about a little boy who was walking along the beach throwing starfish back into the water. A man approached him and asked why he was even trying to save them. There were thousands of starfish all over the beach, and the man pointed out that throwing a few back would hardly make a difference. The boy threw another starfish back into the water and replied, "It made a difference to that one."


When I think about the year 2020, there are a lot of things to complain about. Covid, remote learning, mask mandates, travel restrictions, politics, the upcoming election...the list goes on. This year is one for the books. It's no wonder that depression and suicide rates have gone up, and that people have generally had a difficult time.

Yet with all that's happening, there has also been good. In particular, I have felt a surge of gratitude for my family. Being able to spend more time with my boys has made me want to pull my hair out some days. But, it has also made me realize that they are REALLY great kids. I always knew it, but I realized it even more after literally spending every waking moment with them...

I'm so grateful they're mine.

This past year we learned to work together. We got to know each other better. We played games, read stories, played poker and pulled pranks. We read scripture and talked about God even though we couldn't attend church. And we laughed...a lot.

I think that's why I'll look back on this time as a positive one. Because we were in it together, and we had each other.

My sister's husband is a LMFT. Her and her husband own a Youth Treatment Facility in Logan, Utah. Every month, they have boys ages 12-18 come into their program because their parents or caregivers don't have the ability to, or simply don't want to take care of them.

Some of the kids are manipulative. Some have had problems with drugs or alcohol. Some of them run away because they can't understand the chance they are being given. All of them have behavioral problems. But they also don't have much, if any, family who support them.

So, my amazing sister and her husband started a second business called Synergy Foster Agency. They place children (boys and girls up to age 18) in good homes where they can learn love and be taken care of.

Most foster children have been taken away from a dangerous situation or simply discarded by their family. Foster care is meant to be a temporary home, but many children grow to adulthood while they are in the foster system. Sometimes, the children's parents/caregivers are able to learn new skills to become what their children need (the ideal), and the children can return home. Many times however, this is not the case.

So, why am I telling you this?


Since 2020 has been a little different, here at Restoration Chiropractic we decided that our Give Back Initiative should be a little different too. Every year, we ask our practice members and friends to help us with a cause. Usually it's something local, but it always does good for our community members here in Colorado.

This year, we want to do more, so we're reaching outside of Colorado.

Recognizing how wonderful it was to be together as a family this year has made us realize how fortunate we are. Sadly, there are thousands of children in need of loving families throughout the United States (and world). The truth is, most people would rather foster a pet than a human child. Also, if parents are willing to foster, they tend to prefer younger children. So, older children (ages 12-18) give up on ever finding a home even though they still want (and need) one.

Restoration Chiropractic is making a goal this October to get 1 foster child placed into a loving home through Synergy Foster Agency by Christmas. One is the goal, more would be better.

How does this work?

Synergy Foster Agency is located in Utah, which requires all foster parents to be residents of Utah while they are fostering a Utah child.

So, here is what we need from you...

  1. FOLLOW SYNERGY FOSTER AGENCY on Facebook and Instagram. Look through some of the posts that have already been shared. You'll start to see why this is how we want to give back this October.

  2. SPREAD THE WORD. Share this campaign on social media. Talk about it to your family, your friends, your neighbors, your business associates. Especially spread it to anyone who may live in Utah, or have family there. Please, share it the entire month of October and be a voice for these children who have no one else to speak up for them.

  3. DONATE. We realized that not everyone can or is willing to be a foster parent. That's ok. However, Synergy Foster Agency still needs you! Please donate items for "Home Kits", which are given to the kids when they are removed from their homes. The kits include things like new bedsheets, clean socks/underwear, toiletries, etc. Most kids only have a garbage bag of personal belongings when they arrive. These home kits give them a sense of love and worth for a new beginning. All donations should be made through this wishlist on Amazon.


If you live in the state of Colorado and are willing to foster a child, wonderful! There are many different foster agencies right in our own backyard. Below are some resources that may help you get started.

Questions about fostering - do I qualify?

CO-4-Kids - A Colorado Foster Agency:

If you or someone you know would make a great foster parent, please share this campaign with them. Like the starfish, even if we can only find 1 family that is willing to foster, it will make such a difference to that child. You could literally be saving a life. These children are desperate, and they all need a home. Wouldn't it be wonderful if even just 1 could be fostered into to a loving family?

Please, follow Synergy Foster Agency, spread the word, and donate! Let's give one of these children the gift of a family by Christmas.

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